From: "David Saunders"
Subject: Re: talk
To: "Robert Palmer"
Date: Mon, 07 Jun 2010 16:46:02 +0000
Dear Bob
I wrote a chapter a couple of years ago entitled 'The Older Anaesthetist' for a book on medical ethics edited by Wendy Scott; I have attached it. I have given a couple of lectures on retirement to the Annual Congress of the Association; I will look through them and see if there is anything of interest.

It is now over five years since I retired. I very seldom think about anaesthesia and indeed have forgotten much of what I used to know!

Best wishes


On Tue, 18 May 2010 16:03:30 +0100
"Robert Palmer" wrote:

> Dear David, I am thinking of giving a talk to the Portsmouth Department on
>the ageing anaesthetist (I am 66 in July and still working 3 days a week, no
>call). I think it is a subject you have been interested in and I wonder if
>you know where I can find any articles on the subject (e.g. the oft quoted
>wisdom that delaying retirement to 65 severely shortens one's life expectancy
>but where is the original article and what is the evidence). I hope you are
>well. I go to the senior fellows club get togethers and the history of
>anaesthesia society meetings. Bob Palmer.