01-Boeing curve - by Ephrem

This is something we all would like to believe is true - that there is an inverse relationship between the age we retire and the age that we expect to die. According to a study conducted by Dr. Ephrem, based on data of pensioners from Boeing Aerospace, the earlier we retire, the longer our life span is going to be. For example, if we retire at around the age of 50, we would expect to live to age 86, another 36 years old. In contrast, if we retire later at age 65, we would expect to live only for another 2 years. Normal retirement age is 65, and yet this study supports only another 2 years of life span. However, we need to understand the biases created by this result - this experience is based on one particular group and may not apply to everybody in the broadest sense. But it seems to make sense that if we do retire early, we could escape from the pressure of work and could expect to live longer. Just as with any other results of experience data, we have to be cautious.
Emil Valdez