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Answers to Stour Walk questions are here.

  1. Ena Palmer nee Doxey.
  2. Anywhere between 1.40 (drought) and 3.5 (flood)
  3. a.OS ref is 985-995. (Bear Mead on Stour)
    b. Osprey nest.
    c. Alder and black poplar.
  4. a. 07889937799
    b. Railings to hold a cow still while being injected.
  5. Small area on river bank to let cows down to drink.
  6. A cement roller, it was built where you see it.
  7. Nightingale.
  8. a. Trout, roach, perch, dace, chubb, pike, minnow, eels.
    b. Kingfisher, heron, swan, reed warbler, sedge warbler, reed bunting, snipe, redshank, curlew.
  9. a. Dorset Women's Land Army Reunion Association.
    b. They worked on the land while the men fought in WWII.
  10. Otter.
  11. Union.
  12. Drew's cottage.
  13. All Fool's Lane (1st April is "All Fool's Day").
  14. 542.
  15. a. Kingston Lacy, called The jewel in the crown of the NT.
    b. The last owner was gay.
  16. a.1907.
    b.Marconi's first transatlantic transmission.
  17. a. Roger Gillingham.
    b. 1698.
  18. Strong country bitter, tankard bitter, cooled lager, trophy bitter.

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