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Pothole danger

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Mother's paintings.

Our mother painted these Dorset Bridges about 1992, when she was about 85. John used to take her into the depths of darkest Dorset, with easel and paints, to find a suitably attractive old Bridge. We left her painting while we did a Dorset Walk, then picked her up and went for a meal in a nearby pub. She completed her paintings in her flat overlooking Poole Park.

3794 Woolbridge Manor and Bridge
Woolbridge Manor and Bridge

3795 Bockhampton Bridge
Bockhampton Bridge taken 2008

3796 Fifehead Neville Packhorse Bridge
Fifehead Neville Packhorse Bridge

Pothole danger 2010

Another snow and ice related tale.
From an article in CTC Portsmouth magazine
by Robert Sebley
Report that pothole to: www.fillthathole.org.uk

To get this to the attention of Google, here it all is again in text...
May 2010 CTC Portsmouth magazine.
POTHOLE DANGER, Another snow and ice related tale.
by Robert Sebley.

It was a lovely day, the sun was shining and all seemed well on this Wednesday ride (24th Feb). We had been spotting all the potholes and carefully avoiding them. Bob Palmer made a casual remark to me about how many there were and the impact of the unusually prolonged period of snow and ice which causes them.

We all turned into Watery Lane on the way to Funtington with Bob a bit ahead and then about 200 yards along on a straight flat tarmac road, without warning and for no immediately apparent reason, Bob suddenly tumbled off his bike performing a spectacular roll worthy of a stunt man.

Having recovered and checked himself and his bike (luckily no damage) the cause became clear. There, hidden by a pool of muddy water, was a deep pothole which Bob had unfortunately fallen into. The photo shows that it was about four inches deep.

The pothole was reported that evening on the website fillthathole.org.uk and then lo and behold was seen to have been fixed when we passed that way on the 10th March. Well done, west Sussex CC.

But beware of all the thousands of others, especially those hidden under muddy puddles, and make a note of them and then report their position on the above website - it does work.

Conceived, written and copyright © 2010, Robert Palmer, All Rights Reserved.

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